United States Marine Corps Anthropometric Survey

What is Anthropometry?

Anthropometry is the study of physical dimensions in people, including the measurement of human body characteristics such as size, breadth, girth, and distance.

Survey Objectives:

MC-ANSUR will develop a comprehensive USMC anthropometric database that can be used to support statistically optimized design, sizing, and tariffing of USMC clothing and equipment; computer aided design of USMC workstations, workspaces, and vehicles; and 3D solid modeling of body curvatures and shapes for enhanced personnel protection. Natick Soldier RD&E Center is part of the Army’s Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) and is located in Natick, Massachusetts.

Marine Payoffs:

  • Enhanced safety and performance through better fitting infantry clothing and equipment (ICE) and workstations
  • Reduced life cycle costs through enhanced efficiency of sizing systems and ergonomic design criteria
  • Reduced risk of human factors failures in fast track acquisitions and innovative exploratory development

The Problem:

  • Current tariffs are inaccurate; the USMC has had to purchase extra infantry clothing and equipment (ICE) to accommodate deploying units.
  • Sizing systems for different components of the same combat ensemble are incompatible.
  • Anthropometric data used for designing ICE for Active Duty and Reserve Marines are no longer valid.

The Challenge:

  • There are no statistically valid anthropometric data representative of the current USMC population for design and sizing of ICE.
  • Current Army-USMC differences are so great that modeling Marines using updated Army anthropometry would be unwise.
  • Currently no 3D data are available for USMC design and modeling applications.

The Solution:

  • Conduct a multistage stratified anthropometric survey of Active Duty and Reserve Components.

Survey Data:

  • Biographical data (e.g. age, sex, racial/ethnic group, rank, MOS)
  • 95 standardized body measurements
  • 3D whole body, head/face and foot scans

Quality Control:

  • NSRDEC field supervisor and USMC military liaisons on-site at all times
  • One measuring team, two measurers per station
  • On-site computerized data entry and real time outlier identification
  • Inter-observer error checked daily, corrected as necessary

The Products:

  • Statistically valid, representative samples of male and female, Active Duty and male Reserve Marines; a total of approximately 3,600 will be measured
  • Methods and Summary Statistics Report to be used for requirements development and clothing and equipment design guidance
  • Electronic anthropometric databases with subject demographic data, traditional measurements, and 3D scans for each subject
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