DoD Combat Feeding Directorate (DoD CFD)

The DoD Combat Feeding Directorate (CFD) executes the DoD Combat Feeding Research and Engineering Program, a joint service program responsible for meeting the unique combat feeding requirements of each military service. This includes all efforts — research, development, integration, testing and engineering for combat rations, field food service equipment and complete combat feeding systems. The CFD is responsible for management and execution of all science and technology programs, and 6.4/6.5 for Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force field food service equipment as well as combat rations for all four Services. The CFD includes a partnership between the Natick Soldier RD&E Center’s Combat Feeding Directorate (CFD) and Product Manager Force Sustainment Systems (PM FSS). The PM effectively manages advanced development (6.4) and full-scale development (6.5) for Army managed food service equipment.

Why is it Needed?

The food industry has little profit incentive to conduct R&D aimed at meeting the specific requirements of military operations. To create and enhance new capabilities for the Warfighter, there needs to be continual technological breakthroughs in food, food packaging and food service equipment — and this will not occur without the research and focused leveraging of the CFD.

The Teams:

Eight multidisciplinary, highly integrated teams develop revolutionary combat feeding technologies for our Warfighters:
  • Advanced Materials Engineering

  • Food Processing, Engineering and Technology

  • Performance Optimization Research

  • Group Rations

  • Individual Combat Rations

  • Energy & Equipment Technology

  • Systems Equipment & Engineering

  • Food Engineering Services

  • Food Systems and Equipment (PM FSS)

Teams are comprised of scientists and engineers with a broad range of technical disciplines. Further support is provided by a Senior Advisor who specializes in both nutritional biochemistry and advanced processing. The Combat Feeding Research & Engineering Board oversees CFD activities.

Key Features / Benefits:

Leading Edge Technologies…By actively leveraging industry, academia, and other government agencies, CFD provides a one-stop shop involving total life cycle efforts, including engineering support, giving Warfighters a decisive edge. Our versatile capabilities have produced successful, innovative products now in use around the world.

Customer Focus…We are a highly customer-driven organization, tailored to meet the needs of the 21st century Warfighter. Our products are Warfighter Recommended, Warfighter Tested, Warfighter Approved™.

Affordable Solutions…Our Integrated Product Teams consistently optimize cost, schedule and performance.

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Last Update: 18 May 2008