Insulated Food Container (IFC)

The Insulated Food Container (IFC) is a commercially available container used for storing and transporting combat rations. It is capable of holding food at serving temperatures for over 4 hours in harsh environments (-25F to 125F).


Field feeding requires transporting hot quality meals to the Warfighters in remote locations.

Technical Characteristics:

The IFC is made of sturdy, double-wall, high density, molded polyethylene for impact resistance. Each IFC stores food in three separate inserts with lids (standard 1/3-size 6-inch deep steam table pans). It can also be utilized with any standard size commercial steam table pan. The thick, foam-injected, insulation assures superior thermal performance. IFCs are designed to be interlocked and stacked for easier transport and maximum storage space.


  • Capacity: All containers are used with three, 1/3-size, 6-deep stainless steel or plastic insert pans with covers and gaskets. The pans are separated by two 13- divider bars (NSN 7360-01-470-1237)

  • Dimensions: 25- L 17- W 10 or 12 D

  • Equipment Specification: Commercial Item Description (CID) A-A-52193

  • NSNs:

    Color: Depth (in.): Plastic Inserts: Metal Inserts:
    Olive Drab 10 NSN 7360-01-517-4835 NSN 7360-01-419-8500
    Olive Drab 12 NSN 7360-01-517-4838 NSN 7360-01-408-4911
    Desert Sand 10 NSN 7360-01-517-4843 NSN 7360-01-419-6261
    Desert Sand 12 NSN-7360-01-517-4845 NSN 7360-01-452-0686

Capability & Benefits:

  • Food can be maintained above 140F or below 40F for up to 4 hours in compliance with food safety standards

  • Impact resistant to rough handling and transportation in all environments

  • COTS Cambro food carriers are readily available and supported by an established repair parts program


Individual and Unitized Group Rations.

Vendor Information:

Cambro Manufacturing CompanyCage Code: 21669

Procurement Information:

  • Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia
    700 Robbins Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19111-5092


  • Recent upgrades include:

    • Elimination of the lid gasket for improved sanitation and reduced maintenance

    • Resilient plastic closure latches to eliminate side impact breakage

    • Improved molding process for improved manufacturability and cost saving

Insulated Food Container (IFC) with Steel Inserts
  Insulated Food Container (IFC) with Plastic Inserts

Last Update: 30 January 2008