Mobile Kitchen Trailer (MKT)


A proven, durable asset for the Army’s field feeding operation for 30-plus years, the MKT is an expandable, self-contained, trailer-mounted field kitchen used for the preparation of UGR-A™ and UGR-H&S™ rations for approximately 250-300 Warfighters per meal. The MKT was first fielded in the 1970s, and there are now approximately 3500 in use throughout the Army.

Throughout the past 30 years, the MKT has undergone various improvements such as implementation of a cold weather kit, electrical power and lighting, improved griddle, and upgraded fabric. An ongoing RESET program restores used MKTs to like-new condition and incorporates all of the latest improvements.


The MKT collapses down into an easily transportable trailer-mounted system and can be towed behind several types of military tactical vehicles. Certain models may be externally air transported by a CH47 helicopter. The MKT system consists of military standard field cooking equipment packaged in a configuration to allow efficient preparation of rations. The cooking equipment includes the M59 range, stock pot locations, griddle, field burners, tables, and insulated food/beverage containers. The expandable work platform is mounted on the trailer and contains preparation counters, cooking areas, and a serving line. The kitchen is covered by a manually raised structural roof and fabric sides for environmental protection.

Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Has high mobility and versatility.

  • Can be utilized as either a forward operated or rear operated field kitchen.

  • Is durable and diverse enough to be towed over both highways and cross country terrain.

  • Maintains serving temperature for 30-45 min.

  • Two MKTs may be placed side by side as in the picture shown in order to double the feeding capacity.


There is an ongoing effort to develop a MKT RESET Kit, which consists of new equipment to increase the kitchen’s ability to prepare a wider variety of operational rations. The MKT RESET Kit will not alter the basic form of the current MKT platform. Kit components will fit inside the current platform with minimal changes to the MKT structure and layout of cooking and preparation areas. The effort will investigate alternative power sources that are quiet and more reliable. The prototype kit includes an oven to replace one M59 range and a tilt-skillet to replace the standard griddle. These new appliances add variety in how rations are prepared, thus improving the quality of rations and troop morale. Temperature control of appliances is aimed at saving on labor, fuel, and power costs. Overall, the project will improve sustainment capability through the reduction in power/fuel consumption and updated food preparation equipment.

At A Glance:

  • Feeding Capacity: 250-300 Warfighters per meal

  • Dimensions:

    • Travel: 93"H × 92"W x 171"L (236cm × 234cm × 434cm)

    • Operational: 132"H × 152"W × 201"L (335cm × 386cm × 1,102cm)

  • Weight:

    • Approx 6,000 lbs (2,721 kg) dry (without fuel & water)

    • Approx 6,700 lbs (3,039 kg) wet (with fuel & water)

  • Power: Electrically powered with a 2 kW generator

  • Transportation: Can be towed behind LMTV, stowed on board C130 aircraft; some models are certified for external airlift by CH47 Helicopter.
Two MKTs, Side-By-Side (exterior)

Last Update: 04 June 2010