Field Feeding Equipment and Systems of the U.S. Marine Corps

Field feeding requirements for the USMC must satisfy extreme environments in both land and sea forward operations. Like the other Services, the U.S. Marine Corps Field Feeding Program is designed to keep Marines satisfied both nutritionally and psychologically with a balanced mix of operational rations, which are supported by trained food service personnel and effective field food service equipment. The equipment and field food service kitchens must be adaptable from platoon size up to Marine Air-Ground Task Force operations in all operational environments.

Deployed Marines subsist on a mix of rations that include individual rations such as the Meal, Ready to Eat™ (MRE™) and Meal Cold Weather/Long Range Patrol (MCW/LRP), and group rations, primarily the UGR-H&S™, and the UGR-B™. For preparing, cooking, and serving those group rations, which can sometimes include the UGR-A™, the CFD Systems Equipment and Engineering Team (SEET) is charged with the mission of developing and supporting best value, technologically advanced food service field feeding equipment and systems to enhance the quality of life and performance for Marines. The SEET works closely with the Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) and Product Manager Infantry Combat Equipment (PM-ICE), providing engineering services to aid in the development and procurement of equipment to support the Field Food Service System.

To accomplish this mission, the SEET continually integrates and adapts leading edge technology into food service equipment and systems for the USMC, including developing and modifying system specifications for new, improved, or existing food service equipment and providing procurement and engineering support for adopted fielded items and systems. In order to promote joint needs among the services, the SEET also investigates, plans, and conducts acquisition alternatives such as PrePlanned Product Improvement (P3I) and adoption of COTS items or non-developmental items, which are often leveraged from the other Services.

The major equipment items developed by the SEET that satisfy the USMC’s unique field feeding requirement are the Expeditionary Field Kitchen (EFK), Tray Ration Heater, (TRH), Enhanced - Tray Ration Heating System (ETRHS), and the 8×8×10 Refrigerated Container System (RCS). Each of these is described on the following pages. Also included is a description of the Small Field Refrigeration System (SFRS), which is a commercial item that has recently been procured by the USMC.

Marine Cooks Prepares Meal

Last Update: 04 June 2010