Tailored Operational Training Meal (TOTM)


The purpose of this ration is to provide an alternative operational training meal in lieu of “sack lunches” and catered commercial meals to military organizations that engage in inactive duty training. It may be used in any situation where traditional operational ration meals are not mandated. The TOTM became available in May 2001. This effort was executed to promote doctrine requirements and a “train as you fight” philosophy, while meeting the customer budgetary needs.


As a training tool, this meal aids units in gaining familiarity with the preparation, usage, consumption, and disposal of a pre-packed meal similar to the MRE™. This meal is similar to the standard MRE™ in packaging and contains many of the same MRE™ components. However, it employs commercial packaging to reduce costs. The TOTM is not an MRE™, nor is it designed to take the place of the MRE™. The TOTM is a totally self-contained packet consisting of a meal packed in a lightweight flexible meal bag that fits easily into military field clothing pockets. Three sets of menus are available, as described on the following page. Each set is comprised of 12 different menus. Each case contains 12 meals, one of each menu. The TOTM is easily adaptable for disaster relief efforts.
  • Weight: 20 lbs. (9 kg)/case

  • Cube: .95 cubic feet (.03 cubic meters)/case

Nutritional Data:

Each TOTM meal bag provides an average of 997 calories.

Preparation Requirements:

The entire meal is ready to eat, except for the beverages, which need to be rehydrated. Although the entrée may be eaten cold if operationally necessary, a FRH is provided with each meal.


The TOTM is intended only for situations where use of the MRE™ is not mandatory.

TOTM components & Accessories

Last Update: 20 May 2010