Unitized Group Ration™ (UGR™)

The family of Unitized Group Rations provides high quality group meals to Warfighters in the field.


Prior to the introduction of the UGR™ system, group meals were assembled at the unit level for distribution to Warfighters in the field. Cooks had to order an average of 34 separate items for each meal, and could only hope that they arrived when needed. This significantly increased the logistical burden of field feeding. The Unitized Group Ration™ concept combines all the items necessary for field feeding into complete modules, allowing culinary specialists to focus on food preparation, not administration.

How It Works:

There are currently 4 options in the UGR™ family: the UGR-Heat and Serve (H&S) consists of precooked, shelf-stable food issued in lightweight polymeric trays; the UGR-B is the primary group ration of the Marine Corps, and contains shelf-stable ingredients to prepare complete meals that meet the Corps’s expeditionary requirements; the UGR-A consists of both shelf-stable and perishable components — it delivers the highest-quality, most fresh-like group field feeding meals available anywhere refrigeration is available; the unique UGR-Express (E) uses chemical heating technology to provide hot food anywhere on the planet, without the need for specialized field feeding equipment.

Components: Shelf-stable, ready-to-eat entrees, sides, and desserts
Ready-to-use commercial products
Disposable service items
Perishable/frozen entrées
Ready-to-use and quick-to-prepare commercial products
Disposable service items
Shelf stable ingredients
Easy-to-prepare commercial products
Disposable service items
Shelf-stable, ready-to-eat entrées, sides, and desserts
Ready-to-use commercial products
Disposable service items
Configuration: Unitized into 3-box modules containing 50 meals Unitized into 2 semi-perishable boxes and 1 frozen box. Each 3-box module contains 50 meals Unitized into 3-box modules containing 50 meals Unitized into 1 shelf-stable box containing 18 meals
Shelf Life: 18 months at 80° F (27° C) 3 month CONUS
9 months OCONUS at 80°F (semi-perishable box) and 0° F (frozen box)
18 months at 80° F (27° C) 18 months at 80° F (27° C)
Menu Variety: 17 (3 Brk, 14 Lun/Din) 21 (7 Brk, 14 Lun/Din) 19 (5 Brk, 14 Lun/Din) 13 (4 Brk, 8 Lun/Din, 1 Holiday)

Further enhancements to the UGR™ include:

All Unitized Group Rations™ include seasonings such as salt, pepper, and hot sauce. UGR-H&S™ and UGR-A™ are supplemented with shelf-stable milk, as well as cereal for breakfast. When available, bread, fresh fruits and vegetables are authorized enhancements.

Arctic Supplement…Warfighters operating in cold environments may need additional calories and hydration. The Arctic Supplement meets this requirement with an additional 914 calories per Warfighter, per meal.

Continuous Product Improvement…Like all military rations, the UGR family is constantly field-tested to increase variety, enhance acceptability, increase consumption, and improve nutritional intake.

Recent efforts include the development of a lightweight pouch to replace the ubiquitous #10 sized cylindrical metal can and a tremendous increase in the variety of ration items. In 2011, 34 items were approved for inclusion into future UGR menus.


Rapid Response…Quick and seamless ordering process. One line item to feed 50 Warfighters.

Ongoing Improvements…Working to make rations more user-friendly, appealing and nutritious.

Last Update: 19 April 2011