Hydrogen-Free Ration Heater (HRH)

Soldiers, campers, commuters…all of them often eat on-the-go. Now a developmental item called the Hydrogen-Free Ration Heater (HRH) provides a safe, flameless way to heat their meals.

Why is it Needed?

The current ration heater contains magnesium and produces flammable hydrogen gas during use. A need exists to replace the current heater with one that does not produce hydrogen and can be safely transported, stored, used and disposed of.


The new HRH is easy to operate: just add water to the fill line on the bag, approximately one ounce, and insert the packaged meal. The water activates anhydride powders to provide two sources of heat: first, from a chemical reaction called “hydration” (when the powders combine with the water); and second, from a chemical reaction called “neutralization” (which makes all the components non-reactive). The heater is:

  • Fast…The HRH can heat a ration from 40° F to 140° F in less than 15 minutes.

  • Safe…The HRH is not classified as a hazardous material and does not produce flammable by-products.

  • Disposable…The HRH is a single use item that is disposed of with regular household trash after use.


Safe and Environmentally Sound…No flammable gas release; no residual water after use; no environmentally unfriendly residue; no restrictions on operational use, transport, storage or disposal.

Lightweight…The heater weighs approximately 50 grams and is packaged in a heat and moisture resistant easy-peel bag.

High Commercial Potential…Can be used to heat food or beverage, on-the-go, or in confined spaces. Heater has applications for commuters, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Hydrogen-Free Ration Heater (HRH)

Last Update: 7 July 2004